The Lease Guardian

Insider’s Intelligence to Reduce the Total Cost of Leasing

The IFS Lease Guardian is a tool that helps our clients quantify the economic impact of lease contract terms and achieve financial transparency in the lease evaluation process.

Lease Guardian

We realize that the lease evaluation process can be complicated as each Lessor documents and describes their solutions differently. As such, the Lease Guardian examines each of the 5 Financial Sectors of a Lease and explains the monetary consequences of not fully understanding or quantifying the impact of lease terms & conditions on total cost.

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The Goal of the Lease Guardian is to...

  • Examine the 5 financial sectors of a lease
  • Answer the 77 questions lessors don’t want you to ask
  • Decipher how to calculate the $$$ impact of pro-rated & interim rent
  • Detail how “any or all” vs. “all or none” end of lease terms impact total cost
  • Quantify the differences between the IFS Lease vs. Industry Standard Leases
  • Illustrate the value of AMOS in executing your IT Refresh strategy