IFS is an independent lessor that specializes in assisting clients to execute their equipment leasing strategies. We have a very unique business model in that we own and operate our own equipment return / refurbishment facility and the entire off-lease equipment disposition process, from return and data sanitization to off-lease equipment remarketing. This enables us to offer very competitive and flexible leasing arrangements. IFS delivers consistent, fully disclosed and financially transparent lease solutions for all business-related equipment.

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  • IT Leasing and Procurement Manager, International Automotive Manufacturer

    "We appreciate the team that you have put together. We don’t have the same experience with other vendors."

  • IT Leasing and Procurement Manager, International Automotive Manufacturer

    "I want to brag on Katrina and Kim. They are so helpful, so kind, and so consistent, in helping us through the process. Without them, we could not have been successful."

  • IT Director, Law Firm

    "Moving to leasing is the best thing that we pulled off. Now IT leadership doesn’t have to go to the brass and beg for budget every 5-7 years to replace equipment that should have been replaced in 3 years."

  • IT Project Manager, Community College in TX

    "Rolling out the new laptop and desktop equipment across the college set everyone on a great path with uninterrupted productivity. IFS was instrumental in making that happen and since then, they have stayed by our side to help us with additional needs along the way. Now we’re at the point of another refresh, and IFS’ flexibility and approach is making it possible to buy out some of the devices that still have useful life while we return and upgrade others. Their service has been outstanding, and we appreciate their partnership."

  • IT Project Manager, Community College in TX

    "We needed a full refresh of our desktop fleet and this required more flexibility and ingenuity. Insight worked with us in depth to come up with a solution that would allow us to realize our goals and lock them in."

Your all-in-one solution for lease and asset management.

Partnering with IFS gets you access to AMOS, our best-in-class IT Asset and Lease Management software. With AMOS, you gain visibility to all aspects of your leased assets including your entire IT portfolio value and metrics, upcoming maturities and more.


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