Equipment is returned to our technology center where it is audited, repaired and then remarketed to businesses and organizations across a variety of industries.

Need your Data Destroyed?

Through our sister division, 2NDGEAR, we offer secure and professional data destruction services for companies and organizations of all sizes both on-site and off-site. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, and can provide data destruction and disposal services at the Department of Defense (DOD) standards.

All data received into our chain-of-custody will be entered into an electronic inventory using a bar code system. Upon completion, we use this inventory list to create a Certificate of Destruction, which serves as your official record of all data and documents that were destroyed.

  • 1 Pass Data Wipe Process
  • DOD Level 3 And 7 Data Wipe Processes
  • Hard Drive Shredding
  • Hard Drive Crushing

Need Secure Shipping?

2NDGEAR exclusively uses Federal Express’s Secure Transportation to safely transport sensitive data at an economical cost. While your data gets delivered securely, the cost savings is also passed down to you.

Buyback & Asset Liquidation

Monetize your end-of-life IT equipment by getting a quote for your aging technology.

Dedicated to Sustainability

2NDGEAR takes its environmental responsibility very seriously. We are committed to reducing e-waste within our data destruction processes, if we cannot refurbish or recycle something, then we always engage in proper disposal methods. Our goal is to drive efficiency gains to even higher levels and encourage others, both within our network of partners and the IT industry as a whole, to follow our lead.

What our Clients are Saying…

  • IT Leasing and Procurement Manager, International Automotive Manufacturer

    "We appreciate the team that you have put together. We don’t have the same experience with other vendors."

  • IT Leasing and Procurement Manager, International Automotive Manufacturer

    "I want to brag on Katrina and Kim. They are so helpful, so kind, and so consistent, in helping us through the process. Without them, we could not have been successful."

  • IT Director, Law Firm

    "Moving to leasing is the best thing that we pulled off. Now IT leadership doesn’t have to go to the brass and beg for budget every 5-7 years to replace equipment that should have been replaced in 3 years."

  • IT Project Manager, Community College in TX

    "The unfortunate fact is that public education is poorly funded. Because of this, greater ingenuity is necessary to achieve our goals, so creativity and resourcefulness are very important to us. Without folks like IFS we would be handing people calculators rather than computers. At the end of the day it’s about the people, the business model and the ability to deliver quickly and efficiently that matter most. We are in very good hands with Insight. Their team is top notch and their approach supports our unique needs. They are excellent to work with, always on the spot, and quick to get things done."

  • IT Project Manager, Community College in TX

    "Rolling out the new laptop and desktop equipment across the college set everyone on a great path with uninterrupted productivity. IFS was instrumental in making that happen and since then, they have stayed by our side to help us with additional needs along the way. Now we’re at the point of another refresh, and IFS’ flexibility and approach is making it possible to buy out some of the devices that still have useful life while we return and upgrade others. Their service has been outstanding, and we appreciate their partnership."