Deciphering the Lease Proposal

Leasing Best Practices

Deciphering the Lease Proposal

  • Define the scope of work, one time transaction, project &/or lease line facility
  • Require separate lease rates for hardware & software; no blended lease rates
  • Ensure lease rates are tied to changes in like-term swap rates
  • Validate like-term benchmark swap rate accurately ties to the proposal date
  • Remove requirement for up-front deposits and/or advance lease payments
  • Require the lessor to quantify pro-rated & interim rent prior to lease commencement.
  • Ensure line item, purchase, extension & return flexibility at the end of lease.
  • Eliminate mandatory end of lease extensions, restocking fees or residual guarantees.


How lease terms impact total cost...

The majority of all lessees cannot perform an on-time equipment return for "all, but not less than all" of the leased equipment prior to the expiration of the lease.

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