Working With Your IT Leasing Partner Through The Lease Lifecycle

IT equipment leasing can be complex and more than just a simple transaction. In addition to the financial complexities of the deal, the lifecycle of the technology central to the transaction must be front and center. You’ll want to work with a partner that understands every aspect of the agreement, has expertise to manage it, and is flexible enough to meet your refresh goals and objectives. This post prepares you for the stages of the lifecycle of your technology equipment lease.

Refresh Contract

Each technology leasing agreement begins with the refresh contract. At IFS, we work with you to build a contract with client-focused documentation that takes into account your unique business goals and specific needs. The refresh contract will be transparent with clear terms and conditions, and absolutely no gotchas. This contract lays out the specifics of the lease and details the terms and conditions for each stage of the lifecycle.


Once the refresh contract has been signed, the next step in the flexible equipment financing process is onboarding. This is when the equipment is delivered, accepted and implemented. Your company reaps the reward of new, updated technology for a predictable monthly fee. During the onboarding process, IFS ensures that the lease structure aligns with your expectations. Lease terms are determined, bank partners are secured, and the ordering process is defined. IFS also sets up invoices to meet your needs and introduces you to the team members that will assist you with all aspects of your lease life cycle.

Asset & Lease Management

While onboarding may be the most anticipated part of the lease lifecycle, it is only the beginning. Throughout the entire term of the lease, you and your leasing partner will work together to manage the associated assets included within the lease. This is referred to as the asset & lease management phase. During this part of the process, IFS adds value for its customers with AMOS, a unique and industry leading asset and lease management tool. AMOS provides visibility into the status of each lease and its associated assets. This makes it possible to track asset details, submit location/serial numbers changes, create user defined fields, view executed contracts, download invoices, run reports, receive alerts to upcoming maturities and more. IFS not only offers this tool as part of the lease solution, it also provides the support and training in order to create the most value for your company.

Return & Refresh

When the term of the lease comes to an end, it is time to return and refresh the equipment as specified in your contract. Negotiating end-of-lease contract terms up-front is critical. IFS aims to include fair and flexible terms including like-kind returns, buy outs for individual devices, and return grace periods. Whether you choose to return, purchase or renew the lease, IFS’ end of lease concierge service makes it easy for customers to manage their end of lease process. When returning equipment to our tech center facility, IFS can also provide logistics support including: packing materials, chain of custody protocols, return shipping and more.

Data Wiping

Once equipment is returned, data wiping becomes of paramount importance. IFS offers a variety of secure, professional data destruction and equipment disposal services including:

• Hard drive crushing and shredding
• DoD level 3 and 7 sanitization
• Certificate of sanitization by serial number
• Removal of all client identifiers
• Video and metal detector security
• On-site services

All IFS services follow Federal, State and EPA regulations so that you can be confident that your data will not be exposed. Additionally, procedures are in accordance with Department of Defense and/or HIPAA protocols and can be certified by system serial number.

Disposal & Remarketing

After all equipment has been properly wiped, the final phase of the technology leasing process is remarketing and/or disposal of equipment. This zero landfill, zero export process preserves the environment and is pursuant to California SB20. Choosing a partner like IFS that not only works with ISO:14001 certified recyclers but owns and operates its own equipment return and remarketing facility, means that your lease partner has full control over, and can help you along the entire lifecycle. Since IFS owns the end of lease process, you are rewarded with the utmost flexibility and transparency throughout the refresh contract. IFS is in the unique position to recapture the residual investment in your technology through the remarketing proceeds — not through unfriendly hidden costs, terms and conditions. Certified technicians maintain high standards without added markups or security risks of third parties.

Having considered each phase of the technology leasing process, you are prepared for the road ahead. Contact Insight Financial Services today to learn more about how an independent leasing partner can offer the support you need today and for the long term. or

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