New Tech Center: A Look Inside our New State-of-the-Art Center for Off-Lease Technology Returns

New Tech Center processes over 10,000 units of off-lease technology equipment every month.

Businesses and institutions that lease or finance Information Technology (IT) products know that the process is not simple. In addition to the financial and contractual complexities, it is important to understand the controls associated with the disposition of leased assets. As an established leader in equipment financing that has owned and operated its own equipment return and remarketing facility for over 30 years, we understand your concerns and can offer a dependable proven solution.

In 1987, IFS began receiving equipment returns from its leasing agreements in a 400 square foot office. The company has steadily grown since that modest beginning with the latest expansion being a new technology return center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Albuquerque site handles all returns, refurbishments, and re-marketing of all leased equipment. The IFS Tech Center provides our customers with a complete turn-key service for the entire lease lifecycle.


To get a better understanding of the Tech Center’s important role in our technology leasing solution, here are just a few of its capabilities:

• Equipment return tracking & processing
• Equipment Refurbishment
• Imaging
• Controlled data destruction
• High volume shipping


The Tech Center can seamlessly accommodate a significant volume of off-lease return and equipment shipments.

• Over 10,000 units of off-lease technology equipment are currently being processed each month
• 37,000 square feet with a 23-foot-high roof which provides 20% more storage room and capacity for customer equipment
• 14 dock doors that facilitate a highly productive and efficient flow for the cross-dock equipment process
• Capacity to accommodate business growth over the next 5 years and beyond


The Tech Center promotes environmental conservation

Most IT financing and leasing businesses do not own or operate equipment return and re-marketing facilities, so they have no control over what happens to off-lease equipment. The IFS Tech Center provides the capability to extend the life of IT equipment through the refurbishment process which benefits both our customers and our planet


The Tech Center’s refurbishment process is financially wise.

By extending the life of IT assets, businesses and institutions can benefit from the latest technology on predictable budgets


The Tech Center is inspiring.

• Local artist, Randy Barton, created a 20-foot-high custom mural that stretches across a main wall within the warehouse that serves as an inspiration for our team.
• The portrait of a local Navajo girl framed in a silhouette of Downtown Albuquerque creates a direct connection between the community and the company.

As the central hub for all off-lease technology equipment, including returns, inspections, eco-disposal, refurbishment, and customer shipments, 120,000 laptops, monitors and desktops pass through the Tech Center each year, not to mention one friendly roadrunner who regularly visits our parking lot. We like to think he appreciates the efficiency of our process.

The Tech Center is the heart of our equipment operations and central to us providing flexible financing IT solutions. We have always focused on providing products and services that we can stand behind and doing what’s right for our customers. Having the Tech Center as a resource means that our financing solutions are more than just standard contracts. We are a true partner with our customers over the entire product and technology lifecycle.

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