Insight Financial Services Partners With Tulsa Community College

Flexible IT Financing Model Makes It Possible to Accomplish a Full Technology Device Upgrade for all College Faculty, Staff and Academic Facilities


Tulsa Community College in Tulsa, Oklahoma, educates more than 25,000 students each year. With knowledgeable faculty teaching in state-of-the art facilities on four campuses, programs for students at every stage of life, robust online learning opportunities, and dedication to affordable excellence, the college is equipped for success.

True to its mission to better the community through intellectual achievement, creative energy, and responsible citizenship of its students, faculty, and staff, Tulsa Community College is committed to innovative, flexible, and affordable public higher education that responds to a dynamic global environment.

While all public educational institutions are challenged with achieving critical goals on fixed and limited state funding, Tulsa Community College has found ways to maximize results when providing technology hardware to its faculty staff and academic facilities. Several years ago, the college was leasing laptop and desktop computer equipment from a manufacturer when it decided to change vendors. The IT Department consulted Insight Financial Services to seek out a more strategic path that would extend their ability to acquire the necessary volume of devices while planning for the future.

“We needed a full refresh of our desktop fleet and this required more flexibility and ingenuity. Insight worked with us in depth to come up with a solution that would allow us to realize our goals and lock them in.” David Hunt, IT Project Manager, Tulsa Community College


IFS and Tulsa Community College collaborated extensively, exploring all available options to achieve a full refresh of its approximately 4000 desktop and laptop computers. The end result included a flexible multi-year lease that made the full upgrade possible. The initial leasing solution included:

  • Pickup and return of existing equipment
  • Multi-year tailored lease agreement for the delivery of 4000 new desktops and laptops
  • Access to IFS’ AMOS system for transparent visibility into leased assets with reporting capability

“Rolling out the new laptop and desktop equipment across the college set everyone on a great path with uninterrupted productivity. IFS was instrumental in making that happen and since then, they have stayed by our side to help us with additional needs along the way. Now we’re at the point of another refresh, and IFS’ flexibility and approach is making it possible to buy out some of the devices that still have useful life while we return and upgrade others. Their service has been outstanding, and we appreciate their partnership.” David Hunt, IT Project Manager, Tulsa Community College

As the lease term advanced, Tulsa Community College’s IT Department worked with Insight to plan for its refresh cycle. Also, during this time, IFS provided a soft cost leasing solution for new antivirus software. As the IT Department was moving toward a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) model with the addition of thin client devices, it made sense to keep select equipment that was still fully functional as well as acquire some new hardware. IFS’ flexible terms and conditions made the buyout of some devices and refresh of others a smooth and efficient process. IFS delivers flexible, financially transparent IT Refresh and Lease solutions for hardware, software, softcosts and services. It’s proprietary lease and asset management system, AMOS, provides visibility into leases and is a simple, user friendly and efficient way to manage IFS and external assets. IFS delivered Tulsa Community College ongoing support and solutions that included favorable and flexible terms and conditions throughout the life of each lease. Additionally, the IT Department was able to leverage IFS’ AMOS system for its internal reporting requirements and for identifying assets for individual end of lease activities.

“We focus on building relationships and providing the right solutions to real challenges for our customers. Our work with Tulsa Community College has been really rewarding because we’ve been involved at every step of the way, from planning to roll-out and everything in between. We thrive on overcoming obstacles and have greatly appreciated being part of this team that is delivering what the college needs to fulfill its educational mission.” Jake Howard, Account Executive, Insight Financial Services


Tulsa Community College, working in conjunction with IFS and the hardware manufacturer, has been able to successfully fulfill the IT Department’s needs and wish list. Beginning with a complete upgrade consisting of a new fleet of desktop and laptop computers across its campuses, then adding critical software as needed, and most recently with a new campaign that supports its evolution to a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) environment, IFS and Tulsa Community College are a strong team serving the entire college. Tulsa Community College and IFS are continuing to work together on projects that will further support the school’s technology needs into the future. In addition to currently providing the leasing solution for nearly 2000 new devices for faculty and staff, IFS is working with its sister company 2NDGEAR to provide certified refurbished gear needed for student orientation programs. IFS looks forward to the future collaboration and ongoing opportunity to help Tulsa Community College realize its technology goals.

“The unfortunate fact is that public education is poorly funded. Because of this, greater ingenuity is necessary to achieve our goals, so creativity and resourcefulness are very important to us. Without folks like IFS we would be handing people calculators rather than computers. At the end of the day it’s about the people, the business model and the ability to deliver quickly and efficiently that matter most. We are in very good hands with Insight. Their team is top notch and their approach supports our unique needs. They are excellent to work with, always on the spot, and quick to get things done.” David Hunt, IT Project Manager, Tulsa Community College

Insight Financial Services (IFS), a division of Insight Investments, LLC, delivers customized technology leasing solutions for organizations acquiring hardware, software and associated services. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company with a national managed portfolio in excess of $900 million, IFS prides itself in a hands-on, collaborative approach to leasing. It’s Asset Management Online System (AMOS) provides clients with anywhere, anytime asset and lease management. For more information on how IFS can support the technology financing needs of your college or university contact us today to learn about our complete flexible leasing solutions.

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