Insight Financial Services Awarded Contract from US Educational Technology Purchasing Alliance

February 23, 2022



Contract Provides Preferred Access to IFS’ Financial/Leasing Services for IT Equipment and Services


Costa Mesa, CA – February 23, 2022 – Insight Financial Services (IFS), a division of Insight Investments, LLC, today announced that has been awarded a five-year contract from the US Educational Technology Purchasing Alliance (USETPA) to provide financial and leasing services for IT equipment and services. The contract provides USETPA subscribers preferred access to IFS’ industry leading financial and leasing solutions.

“The US Educational Technology Purchasing Alliance is a great program for schools and public agencies across the country as it provides access to pre-qualified services offered at preferred rates,” said Colleen O’Donnell, Senior Vice President, Director of SLED, Insight Financial Services. “We are pleased to become an approved vendor to provide our financial solutions to the many subscribers across the country. Having this contract will allow us to easily administer leasing for E-Rate projects. The ability to accelerate E-Rate projects can allow school districts to maximize funding and have a predictable budget for the portion that is not covered by E-Rate funds.”

The US Educational Technology Purchasing Alliance assists Public Agencies to reduce the cost of purchased goods through strategic sourcing that combines the volumes and the purchasing power of public agencies nationwide. As a qualified vendor in the program, IFS’ products and services are available to all USETPA eligible subscribers including K12 public and private schools, Head Start organizations, libraries, local government entities, and all other public agencies and private PreK-12 schools.

IFS’ offers a variety of lease options designed to meet the technology and/or equipment needs of schools, libraries, and public agencies including IT/Operating leases and capital/finance leases. These leasing programs help organizations to accelerate technology deployment, avoid obsolescence, plan for refresh periods, align with budget cycles, track, and manage assets, and more.

IFS’ US Educational Technology Purchasing Alliance contract number is 723001.

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