Ice Cream Freezers – Can They Finance That?

Equipment Financing Options for All Types of Equipment.

When you think of IFS you probably think of technology equipment leasing programs. While it is true that IFS does offer IT equipment financing, it might be news to you that the company also supports other types of equipment financing needs beyond IT.

Because every organization’s strategy and goals for technology leasing is unique, it is important for equipment financing partners to be flexible when it comes to offering leasing solutions. We know from experience that the best way to help our customers achieve their goals is to work closely with them while understanding the big picture. Here’s an example of that approach in practice.

Convenience Store Distributor Scoops up Financing for New Ice Cream Freezers.

IFS provides IT leasing solutions to the leading distributor of fresh, chilled and frozen merchandise to convenience stores across the country. After working together with their team to implement a flexible equipment financing program, they shared with IFS that there were other areas where the company needed leasing support as well.

Specifically, the company was putting an effort behind selling more ice cream and ice cream sandwiches in gas stations and convenience stores, so it decided to upgrade and bring in new freezers to hold and display more ice cream products.

The IFS team reached out to discuss the benefits of leasing these freezers rather than having to expend capital to purchase them. The main benefits of leasing the freezers with IFS included:

• Lower upfront costs
• Predictable payments spread out over the term of the lease
• Ability to keep freezer equipment up to date
• A trusted leasing partner invested in the success of their overall business

The company was able to take advantage of IFS’ flexible equipment leasing services to accelerate their acquisition of the new ice cream freezers. An added benefit was the assurance of a seamless, easy transition when the freezers need to be updated in five years.

By working with IFS, this market leader found that by looking beyond their IT needs, they were able to expand their flexible equipment financing strategy to include other important equipment that they had not previously considered. Independent firms like IFS offer the advantage of flexibility and the desire to serve the customer.

To take advantage of the benefits of financing from an independent partner, remember to look beyond the obvious and think about all departments and areas of the business that may also greatly benefit from flexible equipment financing from a trusted advisor.

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