Can Offering Financing Programs Help Close Bigger Deals for Manufacturers and Equipment Resellers?

September 13, 2017



It is no surprise that the availability of financing programs will help you close more deals. But have you also stopped to think about the fact that those additional deals are also very likely to be larger contracts? Top industry analysts agree confirming through research that deal size can increase up to 54% when financing is included.


Why Does Offering Financing Increase Deal Size?

It’s actually quite simple. With the availability of flexible financing options, customers have the freedom to make better choices for their business. Those choices tend to result in larger deals because often times what a business really needs is a full solution, but without a good means to pay for it, they settle for a smaller ‘more affordable’ alternative. With the right payment options, companies can get exactly what they need today. Additionally, financing makes it possible for customers to more easily purchase upgrades that they otherwise may have to decline or delay.


How Can I Offer Financing?

If you don’t have the resources to create an in-house financing arm, a technology vendor financing partner can help. Make sure to find a technology equipment leasing firm that will be fully transparent and act as trusted partner, supporting both your brand and your customers’ needs. Select a firm that will customize programs for your customers so they will be delighted with your service and have access to new opportunities that may not have been possible previously. Proactive professionals that understand your business will strengthen and even extend your relationships with your customers. Being proactive with financing options in the sales cycle helps to eliminate affordability challenge which can sometimes be the biggest roadblock to success.


When is the Right Time to Offer Financing?

While it is always the right time to do something good for your customers, early in the year is an especially opportune time to launch new financing offerings. In the first quarter, companies are typically planning for the year ahead and are more motivated than ever to accelerate business. Start down this road today and it can be a key accomplishment at your sales kickoff event.


Now is the time. So, if you are ready to close larger deals in 2018, contact us today to find out how a strategic vendor financing partnership can take your business to the next level. Contact

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