Benefits of an IT Refresh Strategy

IT Refresh or Purchase?

We understand the decision to implement an IT Refresh & Lease Strategy vs. owning equipment is unique to each individual organization. Our commitment is to provide meaningful information to help determine which is right for you.

Benefits of an IT Refresh Strategy

  • Establishes pre-defined equipment refresh intervals
  • Cost avoids expensive maintenance contract in future
  • Outsources equipment residual risk to the lessor
  • Transfers disposal liability to the lessor
  • Provides pathway to next generation technology
  • Creates a predictable IT equipment budget
  • Provides access to on-line asset tracking systems
  • Conserves working capital, cash & bank line


How lease terms impact total cost...

Pro-rated & interim rents are in addition to the base lease term of the lease & can increase total cost between 5 & 20% of the original equipment cost.

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