Leasing Services For OETC Members

Insight Financial Services (IFS) empowers clients to manage payments and continue teaching a technology-based curriculum year after year without struggling to fund technology upgrades. With IFS your district will have all the tools it needs to execute an IT Refresh. OETC and IFS have partnered to sell leasing services to education on an RFP-backed contract.

For additional information or to request a lease quote, please fill out the information requested on this page and one of our sales executives will reach out to you.

Meet The IFS Team Dedicated To OETC Members

IFS has a 3 member team of K12 and technology leasing experts focused on delivering value to schools throughout CA.  The team of Colleen O’Donnell, Michelle Hallis, and Andy Hashimoto each have over 15 years of experience in technology leasing and are all passionate about making a difference in schools and for the education of the children.  They can be reached at the following: